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Drawing holder

freistehende Befestigung Wandschiene mit oder ohne Auslöser für grosse Zeichnungen Bodenständer mit Guss-Sockel und ausziebarem Stativ Tischmodell mit Guss-Sockel
Base versions:
Base A Screw-on holder for table tops
Base C Stripping angle for lateral attachments
Base E Star handle for wood inlays (max. 25mm)
Base F Holder for tool plate edge (max. 6 mm)
Base K Spindle holder for table tops (max. 60 mm)
Wall rail with trigger for wallattachement
Table Version with a movable 2.5 kg casting base
The complete set for free- standing attachments on workbenches, installation areas, work tables etc. Various angled, spindle, screw- on and clamping bases allow for an optimally adjusted assembly.
Floor stand with 6 kg casting base and extendable tripod up to 190 cm in height. The large mobile version for applications, e.g. on a machine tool or for presentations etc
freistehende Befestigung
Tool protection -   workshop tools  -   precision tools Production and sales
Ideal for quickly and reliably hanging up and removing technical drawings, architectural drawings,  posters, board information etc. Can be used in workshops, technical offices, administration, communication areas, school and training
High-tech, sturdy design in timeless aluminium- / steel materials for highly stressed areas
The reliable holding system ensures the smooth insertion and removal of sheets without annoying jamming or tearing