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Dressing plate

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The TEKUSA AG dressing plate allows for the clean manual dressing or polishing of surfaces and edges.
Four pendulum feet allow for the quick and secure conversion from rough to fine-grained abrasive paper. The replacement of used abrasive paper is as easy. The used sheet of abrasive paper is removed, the new one sticks on  the surface after the coverage film is removed. The adhesive film applied on the entire area guarantees secure adhesion of the abrasive paper.
Delivery forms: - Dressing plate polished on all sides / Format 250 x 280 mm. Weight 7.4 kg. - Covered on both sides, with grain 150+220 as a standard, or optionally with grain 100/320/400.
Additional abrasive paper: - The additional sheets of abrasive paper are delivered in a format 245 x 280 mm,   covered with adhesive film and protected with a cover sheet at 10 pieces per grain size.   This is a first-class, artificial resin-bonded abrasivepaper / wet abrasive paper
Die schwenkbare Tekusa Abrichtplatte