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Surface protection nets

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a) Tubular net FLEX STANDARD blue Wire thickness designed for higher unit weights e.g. for solid materials made of steel etc. Flexible quality, all sizes in the colour blue •  Reusable (production cycles) due to good restoring effect to initial diameter and solid design •  Diameter ranges from 5 – 200 mm •  Rolls up to 50 m of length for all sizes •  Delivery sizes and details according to the price list •  Cutting to fixed lengths in larger quantities on request b) Tubular net LIGHT QUALITY FW The affordable alternative with good quality for lighter unit weights such as aluminium parts, décolletage parts etc., high elasticity, various colours according to size •  Preferred for the single use of lighter unit weights •  Also with restoringeffect •  Diameter ranges from 7 – 300 mm •  Rolls / coils, delivery sizes and roll lengths according to the price list c) Protection net mats / intermediate layer mats in pallets with frame     Normal size 1150 x 750 mm = EUR pallet size •  Red (solid quality) – for high unit weights, cast parts etc. •  Natural (lightweight quality) – for lightweight parts, also for conditioning plastic parts in grid frames etc. •  Reusable many times, therefore affordable • No tearing due to the effects of moisture d) Protection net tapes in rollsfor cutting according to individual needs,     e.g.for in-house containers. •  Red (solid quality) – Tape width 750 mm, roll length 50 m •  Natural (lightweight quality) – Tape width 750 mm, roll length 75 m e) Tape dispenser for tubular nets The Tekusa tape dispenser for all surface protection nets (description in a separate brochure)